Basketball bets in the world of betting

Basketball is in the top three in terms of popularity in the world of sports. This game has millions of fans around the world, but it is still the most popular game in North America. And, most interestingly, different rules are used in America and Europe. Many fans do not just watch the game, but also place their bets.

To understand how you can succeed in basketball betting, you need to understand the subtleties and rules of the sport, learn to analyze matches, make the right conclusions, and use certain strategies. Basketball predictions today attract the attention of many bettors as they become a great help to improve the betting results.

Types of basketball bets

In order to attract new customers, betting companies regularly diversify their betting lines. The main types include:

  1. On the outcome. Bookmakers can offer a different number of outcomes. Two – the victory of one of the opponents, in case of a draw the winner is determined in overtime; three – the victory of one of the teams or a draw, in this case the victory in overtime is included in the coverage.
  2. It provides standard rules for this type of betting, focused on the final score difference. Some bookmakers allow add-on handicaps and at their discretion determine the exact number of points that can be added (most often – the range from 4 to 12).
  3. Here it is necessary to guess whether the final outcome of the match will be more or less than the option offered by the bookmaker. Sometimes it is also possible to buy up totals. Odds can change the dynamics.

Betting on quarters is distinguished separately. In basketball, quarters are small games in which the coaches are constantly changing tactics and combinations, making substitutions of players. Often bookmakers’ lines are complemented by a comparison of quarters in terms of performance (more fouls made, more points received, etc.).

In the line of almost every bookmaker it is possible to observe not only the basic positions, but also additional coverage. For example, on the sites you can see such options: handicap and total of all quarters, personal total of clubs or leading basketball players, betting on overtime (to take place or not), odd/even betting.

Pros and cons of basketball betting

Like any sport, basketball has its pros and cons in the world of betting. By evaluating all the factors, it becomes easier for players to assess their options. The advantages are quite numerous:

  1. Equal-probability events in large numbers. For example, total and handicap are almost always present.
  2. High limits on the NBA. The championship is considered one of the most popular among bettors from the United States, as well as among players from other countries. For this reason, bookmakers try to create comfortable playing conditions.
  3. The minimum margin on the NBA. Due to the high competition between bookmakers in the fight for bettors who play for large sums, the margin on NBA tournaments is smaller than on other odds.
  4. Systematic tournaments. A major number of basketball clubs participate in tournaments two to four days a week. Frequent meetings attract the attention of players who prefer statistical calculations. For some tournaments, bookmakers offer no less attractive conditions than for the NBA.

To make their own strategy, bettors need to consider not only the pros and cons of betting on this sport. The disadvantages include:

  • low limits and odds on European tournaments;
  • a relatively small coverage.

Beginner players should clearly understand that the probability of winning on bets can be increased only with a comprehensive approach. Competent evaluation of the situation and careful analysis, control of emotions and reasonable allocation of the personal bank – each factor matters. At the initial stage, it is necessary to listen to the advice of experienced bettors and use professional predictions. With time, the necessary skills emerge and it becomes much easier to make productive bets.

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