What Are a Few Facts About Military Families?

Every military member has to move to a certain new station after a period of 2 to 3 years to develop his skills and also for completing different training requirement. There is a need for military troops to get trained in several skills.

In certain cases, the military members are not allowed to take their families, and to do certain special tasks they have to move alone leaving their families behind.

Often during the movement along with their other belongings, they need to avail themselves of the services of a few military car shippers like Ship a Car, Inc. who can transport the cars to a new location.

There is a little difference between the mindset of the people who are working in the military service whether it is Army, Navy, or Air Force with the civilians. Although both civilians and people working in Military service may be from the same region, sharing the same nationality or upbringing, however, once a person enrolls in the Military, he will develop a different attitude towards life.

The following are a few facts about military families that every member of military family will be able to identify after spending their few years in this service and living with their family too.

  1. You will find most military spouses are females under the age of 35 years.
  2. Among the military spouses, only 5% are men.
  3. Almost 20% of the military service members posted in Afghanistan and Iraq experience acute depression, stress, and/or anxiety. Even a simple thank-you note can also create a very positive impact on the moods of soldiers. You must regularly send cards to those deployed soldiers so that they may know that you appreciate their service so much!

You must at least sign up for smiles meant for soldiers.

  1. Every military family may relocate ten times more than civilian families and on average, after every two or three years.
  2. Most service members were married at a much younger age and also have young children at their home in comparison to any civilians.
  3. More than two million American children since 2001 have had a parent who was deployed at least once in the Military.
  4. Also, more than 900,000 children must have experienced one or even both their parents being deployed multiple times.
  5. Children in any military family experience very high mental health, trauma, and other related problems.
  6. Almost 37% of the children having a deployed parent have reported that they worry seriously about what may happen to their deployed parents.
  7. Prolonged and multiple deployments have also affected their spouses, with about 36.6% among the women had at least one diagnosis of mental health problem as compared to only 30% of those women whose husbands were still not deployed.
  8. The experts of bereavement have reported that for each loss of active duty military member, an average of ten people gets significantly impacted. Only in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, a projected 68,360 family members were significantly impacted.
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