A Beginner’s Guide to Creating the Best Engagement Announcement

An engagement with your partner is an iconic move deserving the attention of your family and friends. After finding the right person to share your love and home with, you need to find the perfect announcement befitting your fashion, taste, and preferences. If you need to make unforgettable engagement announcements, you should consider platforms like Mixbook. Mixbook allows you to design a fully personalized announcement with or without experience.

Essential Tips for an Unforgettable Engagement Announcement

For the best experience, you should;

  •   Highlight How You Proposed

Your announcement card should include a highlight of your proposal. When proposing, you should have a secret third party to cover the historical event in a video or through images. You may use a single image or up to five of the best. The engagement announcement gets more meaningful if you include the date and time of your official engagement.

  •   Include Images from your Past

After spending several years together, you can revisit your photo libraries to find the best images taken indoors or outdoors. The images can be used independently or side by side with pictures taken when proposing.

  •   Include Images of your Children and Pets

Make the announcement more personalized by including photos of your pets and children. You may take a new photo or visit your library to find the best. For a couple without pets and kids, you may include a snapshot taken at your favorite hangout.

  •   Highlight Your Preferred Honeymoon Destination

After an official engagement, everyone looks forward to your wedding ceremony and honeymoon. You may or may not choose to include your honeymoon destination to inform your friends and relatives of your next destination. If you prefer privacy, including your honeymoon destination may take away the element of surprise.

  •   Indicate the Time and Venue of Your Wedding

Involve your spouse beforehand to ensure that you settle on a venue favoring your fashions, tastes, preferences, and budgetary allocation. Your engagement announcement should specify the venue and time of your wedding. You should make reservations and arrangements for an alternative venue in case of last-minute changes.

  •   Include your contact information

The announcement should also indicate how a recipient can contact you. A recipient may use the contact information provided to send congratulations, messages of encouragement, confirm attendance, or send apologies for missing one of your most important life events. Do not forget to include your names and nicknames, if applicable.

  •       Choose your preferred theme, font, layout, and shape

Mixbook lets you create a fully personalized engagement announcement featuring your favorite colors, fonts, layouts, shapes, and themes. Partner with your spouse to get a fully personalized piece with your favorite design. You may design the announcement to match your dress code for the big day to reflect your tastes and preferences.

Top Engagement Announcements on Mixbook

You may deliver the engagement announcement as;

ü  We’re Engaged Script

ü  Typography Tag

ü  Stacked Type

ü  Soft Painted Frame

ü  Simplistic Border

ü  Simple Heart Monogram

ü  She Said Yes

ü  Seaside Stars

ü  Ring Photo Frame

ü  Mod Collage

ü  Handlettered Engagement Announcement

ü  Geometric Engagement Party

ü  Full Photo Engagement Announcement

ü  Engagement Postcard

ü  Elegant Letters

ü  Colorful Stripes

Bottom Line

Unlike the trend of delivering engagement announcements through an SMS or phone call, photo-journalistic announcements are durable. Mixbook allows you to deliver photo-journalistic pieces announcing the upcoming nuptials. You can customize the announcement to your specifications for a historical event.

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