A Quick Way to Build A Website

There’s nothing worse than working off of a shared drive with your colleagues only to come across unorganised filing, scattered documents and an overwhelming amount of information that’s really difficult to digest. This can make accessing these files a nightmare for people at a company and can eat away at valuable working time. With a drive this unorganised and hard to read, it might as well not exist at all! That’s why Overdrive is here to help. Overdrive converts Google Drives to websites in minutes. Even better, they do all of the hard work for you, so long gone are the days of messy drives. Hello, organised websites that are great for sharing with your team! Not sure how it works? Keep reading on to find out more.

Start with the basics

Before you even think about converting your Google Drive into a website, it’s really important to clean up your folders ahead of time. As your folders will act as ‘menu’ items when converted to a website, do your best to organise your folders in a way that would read well on a website. Instead of having 25 folders to work from, why not condense your folders into 5, with sub-folders located inside of them containing more information. This is a great way to set a standard when working with your drive and ensures that the website is easy to read.

Get started

Once your folders are organised, it’s now time to convert your Google Drive into a website using Overdrive. Simply go to Google’s marketplace and download Overdrive. Once the app has finished downloading, go back to your Google Drive and right-click on the folder you want to appear first on your website. After you right-click on the folder, you will see a prompt saying ‘Open with’, click this and choose ‘Open with Overdrive’.

Add your website name

After you have selected the option to open with overdrive, a screen will then pop up asking for the name of your site. Simply enter the name that you would like the site to be called and click ‘next’.

After you’ve pressed ‘next’, your Google Drive will then be converted into a website using Overdrive. This may take a small amount of time but shouldn’t take longer than 5 minutes if you have a standard amount of folders and documents.

Convert your Google Drive into a website today using Overdrive

If you’re sick of dealing with messy drives, it’s time to convert your folders into a website. This is a great way to keep things organised and is an effective tool when sharing information with your colleagues and wider team members. Simply download the Google Website Builder Overdrive and you’ll be on your way to a killer website in no time!

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