Why You Should Consider Investing in Pre-Owned HVAC and EMS

With the right support, you should find used HVAC and EMS controls that are in good working condition. You might even get a good deal on the used equipment if it is no longer needed by the company or organization that originally bought it.

When buying used HVAC and EMS controls, consider the following factors:

Condition of the relays, contactors, and valve components

You wouldn’t want to buy a book that’s falling apart. Or some rusty old tools. So why would you want to buy HVAC controls that are in bad condition? You don’t want to end up spending more money fixing them than you did buy them. Therefore, before you purchase used HVAC controls, ask yourself: Are there any broken pieces or missing parts? Are there signs of water damage or mold? Is everything else working properly on this system (i.e., does it turn on/off correctly)? Would it be worth it for me to pay for repairs later down the line?


The next question is whether the price of the equipment is worth its condition. In fact, if something is perfectly maintained it probably wasn’t used much at all. What you’re looking for are signs that it was well taken care of. A little rust on an outdoor unit isn’t a big deal, but it could be a sign that it wasn’t well maintained.

Operating hours on the compressor or motors

When buying used HVAC and EMS controls or wattmaster system manager, it is important to consider the operating hours on the compressor or motors. The number of operating hours can help you determine how much longer a unit has before it may need maintenance or replacement.

If a compressor or motor fails, then the costs of replacement can be thousands of dollars. If a compressor is approaching 10,000 hours of operation, then it is best to factor in the cost of replacement when determining whether or not to purchase the equipment.

Maintenance factor

Another important consideration is whether or not the unit has been well maintained. Has the original owner done regular maintenance? If so, that would be a good indication that there are no serious problems with the unit. If not, you would have to consider what maintenance issues may arise in the near future and how expensive it will be to address them.

The condition of the mechanical parts (bearings, belts, blades)

When buying used HVAC and EMS controls, you should always consider the condition of the mechanical parts such as bearings, belts, and blades. If these parts are in poor condition and need replacing, this can be an expensive addition to your project.

Some HVAC and EMS controls that have been taken out of service may be part of a larger system. These systems may not have been designed to be independent of each other. As a result, if you only buy one piece of a larger system, it may not function as expected.


It is important to consider the age of HVAC and EMS controls when purchasing them. Older units may not function as expected or may not meet newer codes.

The presence of rust or corrosion

The presence of rust on your HVAC equipment is a clear indication that the device was exposed to moisture at some point in its lifetime, thus increasing the chances of it malfunctioning when you put it to use. Therefore, if you want the device to serve you for a long time, it is prudent to avoid purchasing equipment with rust spots.

Rust develops as a result of the reaction between moisture and iron-containing materials. When rust forms on your HVAC equipment, it creates holes that facilitate further entry of moisture into the system, making other parts susceptible to damage by rust.

Finally, keep in mind that with used HVAC and EMS controls there are many benefits to buying these products from an authorized distributor, such as warranty coverage and technical support, among others.

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