Kenwood digital two-way radio solutions

Mining is a complex industry that requires the use of modern technology, machinery, and human skills to maximize efficiency, safety, and productivity.

Mining, tunnelling, and quarrying are extremely dangerous operations that require equipment that can withstand extreme temperatures, dust, noise, humidity, and toxic exposure.

Two-way radio systems allow operators to achieve greater efficiency and ensure robust safety protocols. They enable instant fail-safe communication in voice and data. This allows them to monitor and manage the vital information that is needed in the event of an incident or accident.

Kenwood NEXEDGE radio systems are a reliable, efficient and effective way to communicate in mining applications. It allows for cost-effective instant and simultaneous communication between individuals and groups.

All NEXEDGE(r), NXDN and NEXEDGE (r) DMR models include Emergency Key and emergency call features as standard. More advanced models also offer optional GPS modules, Lone Worker, and Emergency Advanced Motion Detection function, making them perfect for incorporating into a robust safety and health policy.

Kenwood offers ETSI compliant dPMR, Tier 2 Trunked and Simulcast options in addition to its ITU Recognised NXDN fully scalable and digital systems. Kenwood’s ProTalk digital license-free ProR446 and ProTalk Digital fully duplex digital wireless intercom systems are ideal for localised operations that require a turnkey solution.

KAS-10 and KAS-20 AVL can be used to support NEXEDGE NXDN systems and NEXEDGE MMR systems. These suites provide greater control over operations and resources, increase worker safety, and allow for better monitoring of voice traffic, precise positioning of users, and rapid response to incidents.

Strong, durable and reliable

NEXEDGE(r), Digital Two-way Radios are available in hand-portable walkie-talkies as well as mobile in-vehicle units. They all conform to MIL STD-810 C/D/E/F/G for durability and ruggedness.

This post was written by Justin Tidd, Director at Becker Mining Communications! For over 15 years, Becker Communications has been the industry’s leader in Mine Radio Systems and electrical mining communication systems. As they expanded into surface mining, railroads, and tunneling they added wireless communication systems, handheld radios, tagging and tracking systems, as well as gas monitoring.

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