3 Ways To Create Visual Interest In An Otherwise Bland Room

When decorating your home, it can be hard to find the balance between wanting a room to feel full and complete and not wanting a room to feel busy. This fine line can be especially hard to walk if you don’t have much experience with interior design or you don’t feel like you have a strong personal aesthetic.

If you find yourself having trouble striking the balance, what you might need to do is think about the room in terms of visual interest. So if you feel that a room in your home could use some visual interest, here are three ways to create visual interest in an otherwise bland room. 

Play With Unique Pairings

Something that can really create a lot of interest visually is contrast. 

To create this contrast is a slightly more subtle way, you may want to consider placing unique pairings in the room. This could include playing with masculine and feminine features, using contrasting colors, or simply placing items close together that wouldn’t ordinarily be put with each other. By having just one or two contrasting and unique pairings placed throughout the decor of a room, you can create a lot of visual interest without having to add a lot of extra fluff to the space. 

Choose Interesting Patterns

Traditionally, most rooms have walls that all look the same and a ceiling that looks the same. But while this can look classic and classy, it usually isn’t all that interesting. 

Rather than going this route, if you’re wanting to add more interest to the space, you may want to consider going with a pattern on the walls rather than choose just a single color. By choosing a pattern, you can create interest with either the design or the scale of the pattern. And, if you feel like the pattern would be too much to put on the walls, you can simply do one feature wall that includes that pattern while the rest of the walls create balance with just one solid color. 

Mix-And-Match Your Textures

Along with patterns, you can also add visual interest to a room by bringing in some different textures to the space. 

For big impact, you could consider using a unique texture for the space you’re working in and having that texture throughout the entire thing. Or, if you’re wanting a little more variety in the space, you can play around with a few different textures that can make the room feel much more layered and vibrant. 

If you feel like one of the rooms in your home is a little more bland and boring than you’d like but you’re not sure how to best address the problem, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you create a little more visual interest in this space. 

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