This is how to get Free Followers on Instagram

I know, right? That title can’t be right because there is no such thing as free IG followers. Well, you caught me there, but in my defense, there are actually ways you can increase your Instagram followership without spending a dime. Of course you will have to put in the work and time, but you won’t have to pay for anything. You don’t have to set a budget to organically grow your Instagram followership.

Instagram has outgrown many of the other social media platforms you probably already know about to become one of the world’s most popular platform. As a result, it is a very influential marketing tool that many companies have taken advantage of to grow their brands.

In this article, I am going to look at some of the ways you can use to grow your Instagram followers without spending even a dollar of your money.

The one advantage that having more followers on Instagram is that it raises your level of activeness on the platform. Ironically, you could be very active on the platform and still not have as many followers as you might hope. However, you shouldn’t give up because there is always a chance for growth. One of the best ways to increase your followership is to make use of popular hashtags. The purpose of hashtags on the platform is to make it easy for users to locate accounts. Accounts on the platform can be searched by use of hashtags. That means that if you use popular hashtags together with your posts, you will get better engagement from users who aren’t already following you. When these users find your account and assuming that you have good content posted together with the hashtag, chances that they will follow you are very high. Some common but very trendy hashtags include #love, #instagood, #happy, #cute, #tagforlikes, #nofilter, #beauty, #nature, #followback, #likeforlike, and #repost just to mention a few.

Another good way of getting more followers is by creating good captions on your videos and pictures. When you post a video or a picture, you should take some time to think of a creative caption to add to it. Captions have a great ability to draw attention of Instagram followers. In your caption, you should describe what your post is about by using imaginative words so that your post ends up being very imaginative.

Lastly, being active and popular on Instagram means that you grab any opportunity you can find to make yourself to known to other Instagram users. One of the best ways to do this is to engage in conversations on accounts that have very many followers. That means that you will have to identify some of the most popular brands on Instagram and engage in conversations in the comments under their posts. This way, you make yourself known to more potential followers who may out of curiosity visit your account to see what you are all about. If they find that you have good content, they might follow your account too.

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