Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out for this Year

If you own an online business in Singapore, you need to keep up with the trends to stay competitive. Think about the effect of technology on your business and how you can take advantage of it. To grow your business, you should proactively engage customers in new ways and retain them through great experiences. Here are the trends to watch out for this year in terms of digital marketing in Singapore:

Predictive Marketing

These days, there is an abundance of data available online with people engaging with brands over multiple channels. These people use content in an unstructured way and do a lot of research before they make a buying decision. Predictive marketing looks at existing positive data patterns and anticipates results accordingly.

Shoppable Posts

This year, shoppable posts will experience an explosion, due to easier integrations with third-party apps and e-commerce marketing tech. The increasing number of social media users whose buying impulses are triggered through feeds and stories has allowed e-commerce businesses to realise the effect of social media on their sales. Statistics show that the majority of active internet users are following shopping brands. Moreover, interactive ads would reduce bounce rates and minimise the sales funnel as customers are given a seamless shopping experience online.

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