Types Of Bounce Houses For Kids

A bounce house is a temporary inflatable building or structure that is rented for block parties and backyard functions. These houses are used for recreational purposes, mainly by children, and this industry has witnessed rampant growth. A bounce house is an excellent form of pleasure for young children, and they are available in different types.

The vast availability of bounce houses has made it challenging to choose the most ideal. However, it would help if you researched the different types to know which suits your young one best.

Below we discuss the main types of Dallas bounce house rentals in 2023.

Intex O Castle

The Index O castle is one of the most preferred castles due to its affordability. This bounce house only has space for two, but you will get total value for your money. This bouncing castle uses pool-grade vinyl, making it ideal for heavy use.

The Intex O castle also has a soft floor and panels to keep children safe as they enjoy themselves. This castle has a royal design in different colors to ignite the child’s imagination, making it the best way to eliminate calories when playing.

Cloud 9 Bounce House

The Cloud 9 bounce house uses nylon and has a reinforced stitch at the seams. This castle’s material is fireproof and has undergone the necessary tests to ensure it is safe for kids’ usage. Besides its outstanding design, this house has a massive slide to facilitate many hours of fun.

As if that is not enough, this castle has a 400-watt blower and a power cord to facilitate safety and easy inflation. Users can set this castle up quickly and deflate it the same way.

Costway Inflatable Bounce House

The Costway castle has a blower and different play zones, making it a favorite among many. This unit features a castle compartment, splash pool, and water gun to make the experience more fun.

This castle has a carrier bag for easy storage and inflation. Moreover, this castle has bright colors, making it look more appealing.

Blast Zone Castle

The Blast Zone castle is ideal if you have extensive space on your premises. This castle has the right height to keep children safe during play and can inflate within minutes.

This bounce house fits three children seamlessly, and users can keep the fun ongoing during cold or rainy days.

Little Tikes Castle

The Little Tikes castle has a spacious playing space for children between 4 and 8. This castle also has mesh safety to ensure seamless outdoor fun. This bounce house consists of long-lasting vinyl and has a storage bag, repair kit, and a blower for fast inflation and deflation.

Final Thoughts

Bouncing castles are ideal for children in all age groups and are available in different types. The above article has discussed the most common types, including the Little Tikes and Blast Zone castles, among others.

Reach out for more information on the best dallas bounce house rentals, and more.

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