What is the fastest train in the UK?

There is an increasing demand for high-speed rail happening across the UK right now. What you might be surprised to know is that the UK imposes a maximum speed on its trains of 186 mi./h. The current fastest train in the UK is the a just one line operated by euro start services including the javelin commuter service from Kent. These trains commonly reach an operational speed of 125 mi./h but they are also capable of operating at speeds of up to 140mph.

New initiative in construction on the HS2 line are introducing a new high-speed railway in London that will travel to Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham. Maximum speed will need to increase as the train for facilitate speed of up to 225 mi./h. With this increase in speed we could finally have a commuter train that capable of cutting down the journey time between Birmingham and London to just 49 min..

Europe has its fair share of high-speed rail but most of the high-speed lines that are across the UK are limited for around 125 mi./h. Outside of these centers the HS one line can sometimes allow for speeds of up to 181 mi./h but this is extremely rare.

The HS2 line will serve as a revolution for British rail with a track that will be capable of speeds of up to 225 mi./h. The line is happening in two main phases from Birmingham to Manchester to leads and then with a branch line planned afterwards. The first phase is due for completion between the year 2029 in 2033 and the phase 2 expansion will be completed by 2035. It could be many years before we are riding on the fastest trains in the UK but these new lines are creating a number of job opportunities and the chance for a brighter future in travel across the UK.

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